My name is Marion Owen and I help solve problems that focus on SharePoint, WordPress, open source, and almost anything you can code with. I am a consultant with the experience and expertise to deliver value to your project.

MowenWorks is a web design and development firm created to take your SharePoint experience to the next level. Your online personal or business needs can be molded into a fresh, new, or exciting website. I can also take the hassle of managing a web presence and drive traffic your way. Lets work together with solutions and services to keep your life and business growing.

A blog, store front, corporate portal, or online portfolio can be created with the help of our talented team. I understand your pain-points and listen to your goals before any project. My services can cover a broad range of solutions for whatever you throw our way.

MowenWorks is an Atlanta based business but is willing to work with remote clients. Contact me today!


MowenWorks History

I created the MowenWorks web design/development firm officially started in 2010 as the need of business and personal website grew around the Atlanta area. The first websites were created on the basic HTML platform for local clients who needed an online brochure. I quickly scaled to include a content management system, calendar and events functionality, image slide shows, and much more.

In 2012, I started to partner with local designers and developers to broaden our options to our clients and to produce quality work at a quicker pace. Our network of available designers grew to numbers that would allow MowenWorks to continue providing professional results.

By 2013, I became more engaged in the local programming community with the goal of finding the best solutions. I attend community based conferences and technical-talks to gain knowledge, experience, and feedback. Collaborating with other developers have continued to grow over the years. My priorities lie with the clients project and getting the right tool for the job.